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Motor Lead Wtre

CONSTRUCTION : voltage grade, size range & specifications
1. Single core cable: - Annealed tinned copper or aluminum conductor, insulated with silicone rubber & finally glass fiber braided & varnished.
2. Multi core cable: - Cores constructed as single core cable, distinguishably color coded & laid up circular with asbestos worming & finally glass braided & varnished or asbestos braided & compounded. Cable with other protective sheath such as silicone, neoprene & CSP sheath, wire braid or single wire or strip armored/screened also can be supplied
Voltage grade: usually 1.5 KV to 33 KV
Size range: up to 630 sq mm.
Specifications : generally to BS:6007, BS:6500 & IS:6380/IS:9968, IEC/540